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  OE Min2Tray:  Minimize Outlook Express to your System Tray.

OE Min2Tray v1.20
OE Min2Tray is a program that Minimize MS Outlook Express(OE) into an icon in the systems tray and continue carrying out its functions - receiving mail and news, performing scheduled tasks and meetings, etc.

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This Outlook Express plug-in adds a single function: minimize OE to the system tray. OE Min2Tray's interface is a simple pull-down menu under a system tray icon. The program defaults to automatically minimize Outlook Express, leading some novice users to wonder what happened. Via a right click on the tray icon or through a hot key, you easily perform such tasks as hiding or displaying OE, sending and receiving e-mails, or creating new e-mail. Users who leave OE open may not notice an increase in efficiency. Those looking to save space on the taskbar will find this utility helpful. Both types of user will appreciate that OE is always ready. Despite a short, 15-day trial period and occasional nag screens, this application demo gives users a good look at the full program's functionality. All levels of Outlook Express users will find OE Min2Tray worth a test.

Features and benefits:

Receive your registration information immediately after payment.
  • Minimize Outlook Express to your System Tray.
  • Single or double click to restore the window from tray.
  • Remove the icon from your System Tray when the program is closed.
  • Use hotkey, you can custom hotkey by yourself.
  • Autorun at Windows System Startup.

  • Overview

    The popular e-mail client Microsoft Outlook Express does not have the built-in option of minimizing it into the system tray. Usually Microsoft Outlook Express must be started at the beginning of your day so that you can get notifications about the incoming mail, scheduled events, etc. Although these events take place rarely, Microsoft Outlook Express must be running all the time not to miss the moment. Outlook Express occupies space on the taskbar all the day and due to this there is less space for the buttons of other programs left. You cannot hide Microsoft Outlook Express into an icon in the system tray and free some space for other software. OE Min2Tray can help you solve this problem in Microsoft Outlook Express!

    Now you can minimize it into an icon in the systems tray with a click or a hotkey. The tray icon of the program occupies much less space than its taskbar button and you get additional space for other programs. Additionally, if the program is minimized into the tray, it is not displayed in the ALT+TAB dialog and you can use fewer keystrokes to switch between windows. To display Microsoft Outlook Express minimized into the tray, just click the Outlook icon in the tray. All the time that Microsoft Outlook stays minimized in the system tray, it continues carrying out its functions - receiving mail and news, performing scheduled tasks and meetings, etc. At any time you can open the Outlook window, do some work and hide Outlook again. Just install OE Min2Tray to get these advantages.

    User interface

    OE Min2Tray v1.20 User interface

    System requirements
    • Windows 9x, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003.



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